Prospective residents considering a move to Nashville can rest assured that job prospects in the Music City are bright. It is common to hear the statistic that around 100 people move to the city each day, and although in reality this figure is closer to 50, it is still a pretty remarkable number. Nashville is a great place for job seekers and wide-ranging employment opportunities play a huge role in drawing talented people to the city. 

Nashville is a business-friendly city, with local authorities working hard to offer incentives to companies that look to base their operations here. 

The job market in Nashville

Nashville is often described as a ‘southern boomtown’ thanks to its incredibly dynamic economy. Skilled newcomers will find that the job prospects here are excellent.

Being ‘the home of country music’, it should come as no great surprise that Nashville is the USA’s second-biggest music industry hub, just behind New York City. And, although the music industry accounts for over 50,000 jobs in Nashville, the city’s largest industry is actually healthcare. It's home to over 300 healthcare companies, including the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). The presence of the automotive industry is also growing in Nashville with Nissan North America moving its corporate headquarters here, while General Motors and Bridgestone also have operations based out of Nashville.

Other prominent industries in Nashville include insurance, finance and religious publishing. The city also boasts its fair share of Fortune 500 companies including BNY Mellon, Ernst and Young, Community Health Systems, Dell, Deloitte and UBS. 

A recent survey carried out by the Wall Street Journal ranked Nashville as the 2nd best job market in the USA, pipped only by Austin for the top spot. Nashville boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the country at just 2.6 percent and the city’s economy is expanding fast. Not only are existing businesses growing their operations, but more and more new companies are seeing value in moving their offices to Nashville. Amazon, for instance, plans to set up its Nashville Yards Project which will bring with it 5,000 new jobs to the city. 

Despite all this promise, Nashville’s economy still faces some challenges. To meet the demands of their economy, the city needs to find people with the right skills to match the jobs on offer. While most new arrivals in Nashville tend to be young, educated professionals, the city needs to address other demands too so those with experience and skills in sectors such as transport and construction are also likely to do well here.

One significant downside though is the lack of wage growth which is a negligible 3 percent per year. So those looking for well-paying positions and lucrative job packages may not be all that impressed with what the Music City has to offer. 

Work culture in Nashville

The world of work in Nashville is vibrant and dynamic. It is a city full of hope – a real risk-taking, dream-making place. The city attracts a lot of young talent as it is not only a great place to launch a career, but also boasts a surprising array of cultural and lifestyle offerings. Young people from all over the USA and beyond want to be part of it. 

Many businesses in Nashville have seen the value in creating a healthy workplace culture where employees are happy and staff retention levels are high. A large number of companies, especially in the growing tech and finance sectors, offer their employees flexible work contracts where they are able to work from home to accommodate their personal circumstances.