It’s certainly not hard to keep busy in Detroit, and residents are able to enjoy a wide range of activities when it comes to shopping, dining and entertainment. From its burgeoning retail scene to its buzzing nightlife, there is plenty to do in this iconic cultural capital.

Shopping in Detroit

The shopping scene in Detroit has really begun to grow in the past few years, with boutique retail outlets popping up all over the city. Popular shopping neighbourhoods in the metro include the culturally rich Midtown and old Corktown, while Birmingham is seen as the retail flagship in the suburbs. Those looking for an all-in-one experience should head out to nearby Dearborn to browse its Walmart supercentre.

Perhaps most exciting is Eastern Market near downtown, a historic commercial district covering a massive 43 acres of land and boasting over 150 businesses. There is a charming bohemian quality to its many studios and art galleries, while there are numerous eateries and sellers of fresh and organic produce.

Eating out and groceries in Detroit

Detroit is a multicultural melting pot, reflected in its myriad restaurants and food offerings. Whether you’re craving a shwarma from Greektown, Polish cuisine from Hamtramck, or a spicy burrito from – you guessed it – Mexicantown, there are spots to suit all tastes. Residents can enjoy small hole-in-the-wall diners and coffee shops, or splurge on fine dining and upmarket delis. The city is famous for its local take on the Coney hot dog, serving it with fresh onions, mustard and chilli sauce.

Grocery shopping in Detroit is a pretty straightforward affair, with supermarkets inhabiting most of the suburbs and city areas. Popular outlets include the Whole Foods Market in Midtown and other chains such as Aldi and Meijer.

Nightlife in Detroit

As the birthplace of Motown, it’s no surprise that the nightlife in Detroit is stylish and lively. The future of the entertainment sector looks bright, with all manner of establishments accompanying the city’s general revitalisation. Along with a host of clubs and bars, Detroit also has an assortment of craft breweries and trendy cocktail bars. There’s no one area that is considered the entertainment hub, with exciting places and events scattered throughout the city.