The best places to live in Cincinnati

Greater Cincinnati is made up of various areas and suburbs that cater for residents with different priorities. From urban city living to family-friendly suburbs, new arrivals from all walks of life should find a suitable place to live that meets their requirements and budget. Here are some recommended areas for expats moving to the city.

Recommended neighbourhoods in Cincinnati


Mount Adams

Mount Adams is situated on a large hill overlooking Cincinnati’s city skyline and the Ohio River. The area has a European feel to it with narrow winding streets and quirky shops, bars and cafés alongside old houses and churches. Mount Adams is a charming place to live and is surrounded on three sides by Eden Park. This is a fantastic urban park that boasts some of the city's best-known landmarks including the iconic Spring House Gazebo. Rental rates in Mount Adam are fairly pricey and residents are mainly young professionals with high disposable incomes.

Columbia Tusculum

Just 15 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati, Columbia Tusculum is a beautiful historic neighbourhood with a good combination of older, more affordable houses and freshly renovated high-end properties. As the city's oldest neighbourhood, houses here are primarily in the Victorian style. There are several excellent schools in the area.

Hyde Park

Those that want to live close to the city centre without having to deal with the fast pace of city life should consider Hyde Park. The area is an easy commute from Downtown Cincinnati, but has plenty of its own shops and restaurants. Hyde Park is a prestigious neighbourhood and, as a result, property prices are high. Active expats will be in their element as they’ll find they are surrounded by runners, walkers and cyclists. The area is popular with middle-class families thanks to its proximity to good schools and great recreational opportunities.

Indian Hill

Indian Hill is an upmarket area and is considered a great neighbourhood in which to raise a family. Houses are large and there are plenty of open green spaces in the area. The accommodation here is largely made up of single-family houses. Schools here have an excellent reputation and tend to be very popular.

Pleasant Ridge

This area has a strong community spirit and is a fantastic place for families. There's plenty to do, with a number of parks and a community pool for the kids, as well as a number of quirky local restaurants and shops. Accommodation here is generally in the form of older but spacious family homes.