When considering a move to a new country, there is nothing more useful than hearing real-life stories and unique experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Morocco and would like to share your story.

After spending some time in the Netherlands, Rasa, a Lithuanian expat, found herself drawn to Morocco. While working as a freelance digital media manager, Rasa loves exploring Morocco and sharing her travel experiences through her blog. Read about Rasa's expat life in Morocco.


Lynn Shepard, a British expat, moved to Morocco in 2012 to join her future husband. As a self-declared "Maroc-o-phile", Lynn blogs prolifically about the intricacies of Morrocan food, art, history, travel as well as general life in the country. Read about her expat life in Morocco.