As a centre of art and culture, Geneva offers up several celebrations throughout the year. From sports to arts and everything in between, there is plenty to expats occupied during the year.

Below are some of the city's most popular events.

Annual events in Geneva

Geneva Marathon (May)

A prestigious running event held every May, the Geneva Marathon sees elite runners from all over the world run alongside amateur enthusiasts. There are races of different distances so anyone can take part, but just being a spectator and cheering the runners on is also a whole lot of fun.

Geneva Music Festival (June)

The city's streets transform into a stage when the Geneva Music Festival comes to town. The festival features performances by renowned local and international artists, with everything from classical to contemporary music.

Bol d'Or Mirabaud (June)

Fleets of sailboats gather on Lake Geneva to take part in the world's most important inland regatta. Some of the world's best compete for the fastest time and consequent bragging rights, while a nautical festival accompanies the legendary race.

Geneva Festival (August)

Attracting thousands of people to the lake's shores, the annual Geneva Festival is a celebration of food and music with parades and fairs rounded off with a grand fireworks finale.

L'escalade (December)

This is a festival that commemorates the successful defence of the city against invasion in 1602 when the citizens of Geneva came together to repel the Duke of Savoy. The festivities kick off with a five-mile race through the Old Town and culminate with a torchlight procession through the city. 

Christmas Festival (December)

Every December, festive cheer warms the city with various events and activities. Arts, crafts and food stalls fill the International Christmas Market at Fusterie Square, open-air skating at Place du Rhone is a family favourite, and the Christmas Tree Festival displays the work of international artists in the spirit of the season.