Thanks to the island’s almost year-round favourable climate, expats could be tempted to take up a new sport or outdoor activity – and there is plenty of choice on Mallorca. 

This scenic island is home to over 260 beaches as well as the Tramuntana mountain range, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Expats could easily find themselves hiking in the morning, then relaxing on a sandy beach in the afternoon.

Sports and outdoor activities in Mallorca


The MCC – Mallorca Cricket Club – plays visiting teams (often from the UK) on its own ground in Magaluf, and always welcomes new players and spectators.


Cycling enthusiasts can take advantage of Mallorca’s varied terrain and relatively light traffic. Professional teams from all over Europe use Mallorca as a training ground. The island has an extensive network of cycle routes, making getting around by bike easy. The Palma Arena velodrome hosts indoor cycling events and is also used as a venue for concerts and exhibitions.


Although Mallorca is an island, it is not isolated from the country’s love of football. Keen players can find themselves kicking around a football in friendly local clubs, while spectators can support the island’s football team, Real Mallorca.


For golfers, there are over 20 courses on the island, and it’s easy to find an instructor if looking to improve one's game.

Gyms and sports facilities

Many towns and large villages have good municipal general sports facilities, and there are numerous private gyms offering membership, for those who prefer exercising indoors.


Tennis clubs abound – Mallorca being the birthplace of Carlos Moyá and Rafael Nadal – and the related sport of paddle is also widely played.


Trotting is horse racing Mallorca-style: the horse pulls a two-wheeled ‘chariot’ known as a sulky, on which the jockey sits, and must race at no more than a trot. The short but exciting races are held annually at Palma and Manacor hippodromes.

Water and extreme sports

For an adrenalin rush, there is mountaineering, hang gliding or kitesurfing. Many beach resorts offer opportunities to learn or practise water sports, such as sailing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling.