Frequently Asked Questions about Barcelona

What language is spoken in Barcelona?

Spain is divided into different regions, each with their own unique culture, history and language. The official language in Barcelona is Catalan, a language in its own right which has Spanish and French influences. The local people have worked hard to make their language relevant in modern life and it is a big part of the city's culture. Though most locals can also speak Spanish and many, especially in tourist areas, can speak English as well, schools are taught in Catalan. Don't make the mistake of thinking Catalan is little more than a regional dialect not worth learning - as an expat in Barcelona, one will probably need to learn both Spanish and Catalan to get by.

Do I need a car in Barcelona?

Public transport in Barcelona is cheap and reliable; cars are unnecessary luxuries. Parking can be extremely difficult to find and makes driving more frustrating than liberating.

Where can I meet other expats in Barcelona?

There are many expat groups in Barcelona which are a great way to be engaged in the community. Many of the groups are purely social but others serve some aspect of community service. Many of these also include locals, which is a wonderful way to further integrate into the culture. Expats are plentiful in Barcelona so it shouldn't take too long to make friends.

Where's a good place to go for lunch in Barcelona?

There's a plethora of cheap cafés, ethnic eateries, five-star restaurants and everything in between in Barcelona. Take a stroll along the American-style restaurants along the beachfront at Barceloneta, walk by the tucked-away coffee shops in Las Ramblas or head for Michelin-starred spots like Can Fabes.