Working in Rotterdam

While Rotterdam is an exciting, cosmopolitan city undergoing constant development, expats looking for work there often find that the search is tougher than expected.

Compared to the national average, Rotterdam's rate of unemployment is high, so competition for jobs can be tight. This goes double for non-EU citizens, as their hiring company would need to prove to authorities that no EU citizen could fill the vacancy. Expats who can offer specialised skills and speak Dutch have a better chance of finding work.

Job market in Rotterdam

Known as the gateway to Europe, Rotterdam is home to the continent's largest seaport. Needless to say, the city's most prominent industries are shipping and trade. Energy, chemicals, business services and logistics are other major sectors. Unlike in Amsterdam, tourism is only a small part of Rotterdam's economy.

Finding a job in Rotterdam

Expats looking for work can make use of online job portals or join a recruitment agency. It helps to have contacts in Rotterdam, as word-of-mouth will often yield better results than responding to job postings. Another good strategy is to contact the HR or recruitment consultant at one's desired workplace regardless of whether a position has been advertised – this rather forward approach shows initiative, a quality valued by Dutch employers.