See and Do in Rotterdam

Thanks to Rotterdam's rich history and lively culture, expats will have plenty of things to see and do in their new city. From museums, galleries and churches, to abseiling, zoos and boat tours, Rotterdam has much to offer. Here are some of the must-see tourist attractions in the city.

Attractions in Rotterdam


This 607ft (185m) tower is the tallest building in the Netherlands. It offers stunning panoramic views of Rotterdam, and there are even hotel suites available for those wishing to spend a night above the city. The tower has a coffee shop and a revolving restaurant, and guests can even enjoy a traditional High Tea. If that sounds a bit tame, there's something for adventurous expats too, who can abseil or zipline from the top of the tower.


One of Rotterdam's most distinctive and unique buildings, the Markthal is an 11-storey glass building in the shape of an arch. Beneath the arch is a market hall, where visitors can browse more than 90 shops and stalls. The inside of the arch is covered from floor to ceiling by an awe-inspiring artwork measuring 11,000 square metres.

Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk

During WWII, the medieval centre of Rotterdam was completely demolished by a bombing known as the Rotterdam Blitz. In the wake of the bombing, only one building remained standing, though seriously damaged: Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, a church built in the 15th century. After the war, extensive restorations took place and today the church is not only a beautiful example of Gothic architecture, but also a reminder of the city's resilience through past hardships. 

Cube houses

Another famous instance of creative Rotterdam architecture, the cube houses are experimental living spaces designed by Piet Blom in the 1970s. Constructed on top of a pedestrian bridge, each house has diagonal walls, giving it the appearance of a cube shape. Today, some of the cubes have been converted into hostels while others still have full-time occupants. One cube is used as a 'show cube', allowing visitors to tour the interior of a cube house.