Getting Around in Eindhoven

Getting around in Eindhoven is easy and convenient thanks to a well-established public transport system and compact city centre. Driving is not recommended, especially as parking can be difficult to find, and most expats get by without having their own vehicle. It’s also safe and easy enough to get around the city centre by foot. Eindhoven is also well-equipped for cyclists with plenty of good cycling infrastructure.

Public transport in Eindhoven

Eindhoven’s public transport system is not as extensive as other Dutch cities like Amsterdam. While trains offer a good option for travel to and from the city, there are no trams or underground train systems for inner-city travel, with buses being the best option for getting around Eindhoven.

The OV-chipkaart

Public transport in Eindhoven and throughout the Netherlands can be accessed using the OV-chipkaart. This smart card is loaded with credit and is swiped at the beginning and end of each journey. There are different types of cards available, ranging from daily to yearly subscriptions.


Eindhoven has a comprehensive bus system that covers the city as well as some popular areas outside of the city. Buses arrive every 10 minutes in high-demand areas and every 30 minutes otherwise.

Taxis in Eindhoven

Taxis are available at taxi stands throughout the city. Taxi rates are not regulated in Eindhoven so it’s best to negotiate the fare with the driver before setting off on a journey. It’s also possible to order a taxi over the phone, but this is often a more expensive option.

Cycling in Eindhoven

As is the case in most Dutch cities, Eindhoven has an extensive network of cycle paths, and cycling is often the easiest and cheapest way to get around. It’s possible to hire bikes at bike shops dotted around the city. Bicycle theft is an unfortunate reality in Eindhoven, however, and expats should always ensure their bike is securely fastened with a lock when parked in the street.