Areas and suburbs in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a compact city so everything is usually within easy walking distance or just a short trip away on public transport. Expats will find a range of areas and suburbs in Eindhoven to suit both their lifestyle and budget, from modern inner-city living to quaint, suburban communities on the outskirts of the city.

Here are some of the most popular expat areas of Eindhoven.


The city centre is a great place for young professionals and students, with apartments being the most common form of housing in this area. Many old factories and office blocks have been repurposed into luxury apartments and have added a modern, stylish feel to central Eindhoven. Expats living here will have access to plenty of amenities, including shops and restaurants, and the train station is within walking distance, but they’ll pay a premium for property within the city limits.

Northern districts

Woensel, located just north of the city centre, is a largely residential area with tree-lined streets. Accommodation is available in a variety of forms ranging from apartments to terraced houses. West-Woensel (also known as Groenevoud) is an up-and-coming area where vintage clothing stores and great restaurants can be found, while Woensel South is home to some of Eindhoven's most affordable accommodation.

Surrounding towns and villages

The smaller villages and towns surrounding Eindhoven are popular with expats, especially those with families. There is a range of options in these areas from tiny apartments to elegant freestanding homes. Popular villages and towns include Son, Breugel, Best, Nuenen and Veldhoven. These are all green and leafy suburban areas, offering a wonderful place to raise a family, while still being close enough to the city thanks to easy access via public transport.