Accommodation in Eindhoven

Expats will find a range of high-quality modern accommodation in Eindhoven. Although housing may be smaller than some expats are used to, it’s generally clean and well maintained.

When searching for accommodation in Eindhoven, expats should consider access to public transport and the proximity to work and schools. Nevertheless, most places, especially within the city centre, are within easy walking distance.

Types of accommodation in Eindhoven

The smaller villages surrounding Eindhoven offer more spacious living with detached houses and gardens and are popular with expat families, while inner-city living centres on apartments and is perfect for young professionals and students.

Both furnished (gemeubileerd) and unfurnished (kaal) accommodation are available. Unfurnished options often don’t have carpets or light fittings, but they may have some basic appliances such as a stove. 

Finding accommodation in Eindhoven

Expats can search for accommodation using online property portals and local newspapers. However, if they don't speak Dutch, the language barrier can be a problem and it's usually best to hire a real estate agent (makelaar). 

Renting accommodation in Eindhoven

The typical length of a lease in the Netherlands is a year, and most landlords expect one month's worth of rent as a deposit, along with the first month of rent paid upfront. Utilities are usually for the tenant's own expense and must be paid in addition to rent. If using a real estate agent to assist with the house-hunting process, expats should consider that their service fee is usually also the equivalent of one month's rent.