Expats moving to Belgium often have questions about what life will be like in their new home. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about living in Belgium.

Should I learn to speak another language in Belgium?

Depending where one settles in Belgium, it may be necessary to learn a little French or Dutch. Brussels is a bilingual city and the majority of its citizens speak French or Dutch. However, most English-speaking expats moving to the city will find they can get by without learning another language.

Is Belgium a good place to raise children?

Belgium is a great place to raise children. The communities are safe and the education system is excellent - transferring between EU schools is easy. There also are plenty of international schools in Belgium, particularly in Brussels. Public medical facilities are world-class and the quality of life in Belgium is second to none.

What is the weather like in Belgium?

Belgium’s climate can best be described as mild and temperate. The coastal region sees a mild and humid year-round climate but the climate varies the further inland one goes. The average annual temperature is 46°F (8°C), while Brussels averages around 50°F (10°C) ranging from 37°F (3°C) in January to around 64°F (18°C) in July.

How safe is Belgium?

Belgium is safe but there are the usual incidents of petty crime such as muggings and pickpocketing, particularly in Brussels at major railway stations and on public transport. Belgian law enforcement and security maintain a solid anti-terrorism effort and a peaceful environment for tourists and business. However, Brussels has experienced deadly terrorist attacks in recent years which have heightened fears in the country. Because Brussels is home to a number of international organisations, including the EU and NATO, expats living here should remain aware that some of these buildings could be targeted for indiscriminate terrorist attacks.