Republic Day / New Year's Day

1–2 January

1 January

Lunar New Year

20–27 January

9–14 February

Peace Memorial Day

27–28 February

28 February

Children's Day

3–4 April

4 April

Qingming Festival

5 April

4 April

Dragon Boat Festival

22–23 June

10 June

Mid-Autumn Festival

29 September

16–17 September

National Day

9–10 October

10–11 October

*When a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is moved to the previous Friday or following Monday respectively. Public holidays falling on a Tuesday or Thursday are usually granted an additional "bridge day" to the weekend. The extra day off is made up by working on a Saturday. Some holidays are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, so dates on the Gregorian calendar can change.