There is always something happening in Moscow. It is a vibrant city with cultural festivals throughout all seasons of the year. On top of cultural and traditional events in Moscow, there are music festivals and film festivals. There’s something for everyone. Expats in Moscow should keep an eye out for the following annual events:

Annual events in Moscow

Russian Winter Festival (December-January)

The Russian Winter Festival is held over the Christmas and New Year period and features lots of Russian cuisine and vodka, traditional folk music and troika (sleigh) rides.

Maslenitsa Festival (February-March)

As a prelude to the deprivations of Lent, and in celebration of the end of winter and the entrance of spring, the Maslenitsa Festival encourages locals and expats to indulge in as many delicious, golden pancakes as possible. Locals and expats can enjoy puppet shows, masquerades and sleigh riding to their heart’s content.

Moscow International Film Festival (July)

This is a chance to see a range of films showcased in Moscow, with a prize given to the best films. The top prize is a statue of St George slaying the dragon. For expats interested in film and media, Moscow’s film festival should not be missed.

Unity Day (November)

Unity Day is a national public holiday in Russia. In Moscow, celebrations involve parades and fireworks as well as patriotic ceremonies, songs, speeches and flag hoisting.