Healthcare in Moscow is organised by the Moscow Health Department. While public healthcare facilities are available, most expats seek out private healthcare at international medical centres. Expats are advised to take out private medical insurance if it is not provided to them by their company.

Public healthcare in Moscow

Subsidised healthcare is provided to everyone living in the country. It is paid for by the state and the mandatory health insurance system. However, professionals in the state system are likely to speak little to no English. Expats tend to prefer private healthcare options.

Private healthcare in Moscow

There are several private, international medical centres in Moscow where English is spoken and where the healthcare is on par with expat standards.

These clinics are generally very expensive, so it is highly recommended that expats take out private medical insurance to cover medical expenses in Moscow. Most insurance coverage plans will also include evacuation cover for emergencies or life-threatening situations. Expat-friendly healthcare facilities in Moscow include:

Alliance Medicale
Address: Kutuzovsky Ave, 1/7

Intermed Center American Clinic
Address: 4th Monetchikovsky Lane, 1/6, Building 3

International Clinic MEDSI
Address: 26, Building 6, Prospekt Mira

Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency Care
Address:  Bolshaya Sukharevskaya Square, Building 3