Kids in Tokyo

Expats with children will find plenty of distractions for their kids in Tokyo, many of which are geared around technology and science. The Panasonic Center, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Museum of Maritime Science or the National Science Museum all have plenty of child-specific attractions, and plenty to intrigue adults as well.

In good weather, check out the Baji Equestrian Centre where kids can watch horse shows and even ride ponies. The Tokyo Dome City offers children rides and games at the supervised amusement park, while parents can relax in the accompanying spa.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall is another great option for kids featuring indoor gyms, computers, crafts areas, mini-theatre and rooftop playground – in fact, this is Tokyo's largest public facility for children. Another sunny day option is Shinjuku Park or Hama-Rikyu Sunken Garden, which are at their best during spring when the cherry blossoms bud.

Other recommended options include Ueno Zoo, with its giant pandas, wolverines and polar bears, the fascinating and eclectic Edo-Tokyo Museum; or even Tokyo Disney Resort which has enough rides and attractions for a week of entertainment.

At Monkey Park visitors will find plenty of friendly primates running and gambolling about in an open-air enclosure. There's also the Kite Museum which is the world’s most fervent celebration of kites and their history.

For kids that enjoy video games, Joyopolis Sega will thrill and entertain children of all ages with rides, games and much more.

The National Children’s Castle (Kodomo-no-Shiro) is aimed at children of all ages with a variety of activity rooms, gymnasiums, playgrounds, climbing walls, artistic activities and much more to stimulate and educate their minds.