AA teacher and expat student learning at the ISA International School in Guangzhouddress: Block C2-2 Redtory, Siheng Road No.128, Yuan Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510655
Website: www.isagz.org
Email: admission@isaschool.com
Telephone: +86 20 8890 0909
Gender: Co-educational
Teaching language: English and Chinese
Curriculum: English National Curriculum, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate and Chinese
Ages: 2 to 15


ISA International School blends the best of Chinese and international educational practices and traditions, creating a new model of high-quality bilingual education in China. ISA International School’s mission is to provide holistic education with academic and personal challenges, preparing students for life-long learning while building strength of character. The school aims to support each student’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development in a safe, stimulating learning environment.

What the school says

"ISA International School began as an idea to fulfil the need for a new style of international education in China. Parents from China want their families to live the ‘Chinese Dream’. They want their children to be truly international, able to study and work in any country in the world, but also to know their heritage and value Chinese language and culture. Parents from foreign countries realise how important China is to the rest of the world. They want their children to fully understand Chinese culture and to be fluent in the language. ISA International School provides a new style of international education that meets the needs of both Chinese and foreign families.

In cooperation with the International School of London (ISL), a leading group of three IB World Schools in London, Surrey, and Doha, and an international foundation, ISA International School is the first of a kind in Guangzhou."


ISA International School places the highest value on outstanding academic performance. It delivers the National Curriculum of China jointly with international programmes, from Kindergarten to Year 12. The curriculum is a rigorous academic programme that blends higher order, creative and critical thinking with the development of memory and other cognitive skills. High expectations and a positive climate provide the best environment for students to attain academic success. Progress is monitored closely using the latest technology tools to track students’ performance and provides additional learning for all year levels. Teachers provide a stimulating, inquiry-driven learning environment for students to thrive. ISA International School students are prepared for pathways to higher learning, including entry to the world’s top universities.


Fees for the 2020 school year range from RMB 145,000 for Early Years 1 to RMB 180,000 for Year 10 per year. There is also a non-refundable application fee of RMB 1,200.

From the head of school

"Welcome to ISA International School of Guangzhou. Our aim is to educate the next generation of internationally minded students, to take their place in the world as leaders, thinkers, developers, creators and shapers of a better world. Students will graduate with outstanding academic skills. Through a spiralling curriculum, each student studies key concepts and discovers knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning.

Students will be both internationally minded and also grounded in their own unique cultural identity. We believe that every child must keep his or her cultural identity and mother tongue level high. The quality of our English and Chinese language programmes will ensure every child becomes fluent in both languages.

We achieve all of this by extending the school day. School starts at 8.30am and finishes at 5.00pm. Within the school day, every Primary school child learns a musical instrument, participates in a sports team, and chooses from a range of competitive and creative classes to enjoy an enriched programme of learning. Everything is covered in the school fees and provided within the school day. There is no need to send your child to additional classes, clubs and lessons.

We are located inside the famous Redtory Art and Design complex, beside the Pearl River, very near Zhujiang New Town CBD."

– Elaine Whelen, Head of School

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