There are many exciting festivals and celebrations in Vancouver for expats to enjoy. These events are also a great way for expats to meet people and make friends.

Below are some of our favourite annual events in Vancouver.

Annual events in Vancouver

Vaisakhi Parade (April)

Vaisakhi is the traditional Indian celebration of the Harvest. The Indian communities of Vancouver and Surrey hold colourful parades that draw thousands of people out onto the street. Central to celebrations is the sharing of homemade food.

Vancouver International Jazz Festival (June/July)

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival is one of the best musical celebrations in the world, hosting over 1,000 blues and jazz performers at concert theatres and open-air venues throughout the city.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival (July)

The annual Folk Music Festival features a host of musicians performing on several different stages, as well as food stalls and a public market. All in all, it's a great weekend of entertainment for everyone.

Celebration of Light (July/August)

The Celebration of Light's musical fireworks are a great attraction for adults and children alike. This spectacular event is held in July or August every year and can be enjoyed from any one of several viewpoints throughout the city.

Vancouver Pride Parade (August)

This colourful parade draws tens of thousands of people to the West End to watch floats sponsored by everything from church groups supporting the LGBTQ+ community to political parties and nightclubs. It is a fun, inclusive event that showcases Vancouver’s diversity and tolerance.