Education and Schools in Bucharest

Although public education in Romania is free to all residents, most expats choose to send their children to one of Bucharest’s international or private schools, especially as Romanian is the language of instruction in public schools.
There are three types of school-leaving certificates available in Romania: the national programme, the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and the programme for vocational schools.

Private schools in Bucharest

In the past, private education was abolished under the communist regime. Since then, a number of private schools in Bucharest have opened and flourished. 

Private schools in Romania are available from kindergarten level to high school and do not usually follow the national curriculum. These schools adapt modern approaches to education and can be expensive.   

International schools in Bucharest

International schools are the most popular choice for expats in the city. Most of the international schools in Romania are situated in Bucharest and, while there isn’t an extensive selection, all of them offer a quality education for the young expat community. 
Schools also offer an important tool for parents who wish to make new acquaintances and form social connections in a foreign country.
International schools in Bucharest usually offer one or more of several curricula, including the International Baccalaureate programme, the British GCSE and A-Level programmes, while French and American international schools can also be found in Bucharest.