Accommodation in Denmark

Accommodation in Denmark comes in a variety of forms and is generally of a very high standard. From city apartments to suburban houses, expats are sure to find something to suit their lifestyle. Most expats in Denmark rent their accommodation rather than buy. 

Types of accommodation in Denmark

Expats in Denmark can choose from apartments or suburban houses. Most accommodation in Danish cities comprises apartment blocks, and is best suited for single professional expats. Houses are more common in the suburbs, most of which have gardens. Suburban houses are usually the best option for expats with children. 

Expats who want to live in the city should look out for apartments in beautiful, historical buildings. These can be a real find for those lucky enough, as the apartments are generally of a very high standard. 

Finding accommodation in Denmark

Expats looking for accommodation in Denmark should read the listings in local newspapers and online property postings. A more convenient, but also more expensive, option is to enlist the help of a real estate agent. Estate agents will have the most extensive list of available housing and can also arrange viewings for prospective tenants. 

It is also a good idea to speak to other expats already living in Denmark to find out how they went about finding accommodation. It’s common for expats to take over the lease of other expats leaving the country.

Renting accommodation in Denmark

Once expats have found accommodation to rent, they will need to sign a tenancy agreement. Expats should ensure that they read their lease carefully before signing and should negotiate any terms they are unhappy with.

Expats should look out for the word “nyistandsat” in their lease, which means that they will be obligated to return the property to brand new condition before leaving. It is best not to sign a lease containing this word. 

Once the lease is signed, expats will need to pay a deposit of up to three months’ rent. They should ensure that the lease allows them to terminate the contract within the lease period with three months’ notice.  Leases can be renewed after they expire.