Healthcare in Santiago

Chile’s healthcare system is advanced and the standards of care in Santiago are high. The government has implemented a national healthcare system that covers its entire population, though expats tend to prefer the service and quality at private healthcare clinics. By Chilean standards, these clinics are relatively expensive and expats should make sure they are covered by comprehensive medical insurance. Nevertheless, private healthcare in Chile still costs significantly less than in Europe or the US, a fact that attracts a significant number of medical tourists.

Doctors are professional and hospitals tend to be run like businesses in order to keep the quality of treatment as high as possible. There are a number of 24-hour pharmacies in Santiago, most with English-speaking staff available. Expats will be able to get a wide array of drugs without a prescription, but these should be used responsibly and with appropriate medical advice. Prescription medical supplies for up to three months may be brought into the country as long as they are accompanied by a signed doctors' certificate stating that they have been legally prescribed and are for personal use only.

Hospitals in Santiago


Clinica Alemana

Address: Av Vitacura 5951


Clinica Las Condes

Address: Estoril 450


Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile

Address: Santos Dumont 999